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Fun facts about Metairie, LA

Few places in Louisiana are as fascinating as the communityof Metairie, LA. Charming but eclectic, colorful but historical, it’s become one of the hottest real estate markets in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

To further pique your interest, here are some fun facts about this census-designated area in Jefferson Parish:

What’s in a name?

Like most neighborhoods in New Orleans, Metairie has a strong connection with the French. In fact, its name is the French term for sharecropping, in which a tenant used to paytheir landlord a share of their crop as rent. This practice began in the 1760s and continued all the way to the early 1900s when urbanization took hold.

You’ll love seafood muffaletta

Residents of Metairie love seafood, and one of its most popular incarnations is the seafood muffaletta. A signature dish of Parran’s Po-Boys & Restaurant, it’s essentially a fried shrimp, oyster, and catfish po-boy served on half a wheel of muffaletta loaf. And yes, you’ll probably need to split this hulk of a sandwich with a friend.

Fat City is (still) the place to be

The vibrant nightlife here at Metairie is centered around Fat City. Located along Eden born Avenue, this strip is on a renaissance of sorts after previously being tagged as a derelict area. Various upscale bars and nightclubs have sprouted here anew where you can enjoy great food, even better drinks, and absolutely sublime jazz music. A visit to Drago’s– located in the neighborhood – to sample their famed charbroiled oysters is definitely one of the best things to do in Metairie, LA.

Shopping is big here

Metairie is home to Lakeside Shopping Center, the highest-grossing mall in the New Orleans metropolitan area. This is largely due to its excellent location—it’s only 10 minutes from the Louis Armstrong Airport and 15 minutes from the French Quarter. The 60-year old mall boasts some 130 stores and dining establishments, and hosts many family-friendly events in its premises. It’s especially popular among foreign tourists because it’s a tax-free shopping destination.

Learn to love the Saints

Metairie locals are devout fans of the New Orleans Saints, so get used to chanting “When the Saints Go Marching In” and wearing gold and black during games. The football team is headquartered in Metairie and plays its practice games here. Many of their players reside in the area, too, so you may very well bump into an NFL player one of these days.

It has a famous bridge

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway holds the distinction of being the longest continuous bridge over water in the world. Spanning a total of 38.35 km, this gargantuan bridge is held up by some 9,500 concrete pilings. The iconic bridge connects Mandeville in the north and Metairie in the south.

Old vs. new

The neighborhood of Metairie is a study in contrasts. Walking along Metairie Road feels like walking back in time as you pass by grand colonial-style homes and towering oak trees. But the street eventually gives way to “New Metairie,” where commercial establishments—including Lakeside Shopping Center—abound.

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