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Furniture Trends That Can Make Your Home Look Brand New in 2021

Like fashion and technology, furniture and home decor evolve. This 2021, we are moving towards fun and bold colors, aesthetics, and gamesome designs. Nowadays, we prioritize choosing the mood or theme we want to create for ourselves. Read on to learn more about the trends before you start remodeling your home or before you purchase a house.

6 Furniture Design Trends This 2021

Whether you are renovating or transferring to another house, you need to know what’s something new this year. From conventional designs, we are transitioning to playful and bold styles.

Geometric Furniture Designs

If you opt to create visually-compelling designs, go with geometric furniture. You can integrate artistic designs, such as funky wall shelves, architectural chairs, geometric lamps, or asymmetrical tables. This type of furniture helps in creating a bright modern interior. Moreover, this piece can serve as an accent design.

cylinder podium box with blue curtains

The Return of Terrazzo

Originally, terrazzo is utilized for floors. However, as time went by, people noticed its durability and scratch resistance. That’s why you can also incorporate terrazzo design to your walls, tables, chairs, and lamps. Its design is composed of grains with different eye-catching colors.

Aesthetic Cottagecore Furniture

If you frequently visit your social media, you might hear this term cottagecore. It is more of wood furniture and decorations. Moreover, it is composed of a soft color palette. This style highlights coziness and fairytale type of aesthetics. One of its similar designs are shabby chic and modern farmhouse.

Textured Design on Furniture

Not only do we make texture designs on our walls, textured furniture is also a trend this 2021. As we shift to being a little decorative, you can explore and try textured design on your cabinets, drawers, or desks. If you already have a plain or neutral-looking bedroom, textured furniture can be your accent design.

girl with a laptop sitting on a couch

Biophilic Design

With all the chaos outside of your haven, connect to nature by integrating biophilic design inside your home. As humans, nature has proven that it can heal and make us feel good. You can extend your patios or balconies and infuse natural textures, such as furniture made from light woods or stones. Look for legitimate realtors New Orleans, LA to help you in your quest for a home with biophilic design.

Cocooning Furniture

In general, cocooning is the biggest lifestyle trend in 2021. With all the physical contact restrictions and curfew due to pandemic, we look for coziness within our premises. Most cocooning furniture are fluffy and in body-hugging shape. It can support your head, neck, and back area. Aside from that, it offers emotional support.

minimalist living room

Coziness and Comfort at Your Living Space

The pandemic has a major influence in the trends we see right now. We prefer peace and comfort amidst the chaos outside. This 2021, most people become bolder with their color theme and eclectic style. Efficient and professional property specialists from Axis Realty Group can assist you in finding your haven.