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Guide: Decorating Ideas for Your Home in 2021

2021 is the perfect time to start anew. The previous year was a tough one—this year, we want to attract all the positive vibes we can. One way to attract good luck is through fresh design trends. The situation in the past year has inspired many changes in our homes. This year, we are all transforming for the better.

Let us take a look at this guide: decorating ideas for your home in 2021. We will give you inspiration for your next home remodel, from vacation-inspired design to creative storage to better kitchens. It is time to look ahead and transform not only ourselves but also our very own home.

More creative storage nooks

pink window seat with storage

Since we have been staying at home most of the time, all our things are also here. Moreover, we may have collected a bunch of new things over time to keep us entertained while quarantining. These things may include toys for the kids, clothes, gym equipment, and other items that we have bought online. This collection causes the need to have a designated space for storage.

This 2021, we suggest a more creative approach to increase storage space at home. We may try Ottoman-style furniture, cabinets, and sideboards. These types of furniture not only serve as decoration. They also serve as extra spaces where you can store things easily. For kitchens, we will recommend floor-to-ceiling cupboard space, hallway storage, and under-bench storage. These will help us maximize the extra space in our homes.

Vacation-inspired home decor

elegant blue couch with lovely outdoor scenery

Staying at home all the time made some of us miss our dose of Vitamin Sea. For example, living in New Orleans makes you, unfortunately, an hour away from the nearest beach. Although there are other top things to do in New Orleans, you cannot help but long for the cool ocean bridge. Fret not! We shall reimagine the chill lifestyle on the next design trend.

Bring the vacation to your home through interior decor inspired by distant seashores. These decorations will do for now as we long for much-deserved tropical getaways. Making your home beach-inspired will turn it into a haven where you can recharge and relax.

Home offices and designated work spaces

working space in white Scandinavian motive

One of the consequences of the global pandemic is that some of us had to work from home. Moreso, WFH may still be the norm for most workplaces even after lifting the lockdown.

Since home offices are here to stay, the best thing we can do is to have work-conducive set-ups. We suggest transforming the guest room into a home office. Make your workspace inspiring and comfortable to ensure the best experience.

More pantry space

pantry with well-organized pantry jars

Since our family is at home most of the time, the wise decision is to store food and kitchen supplies. Storing food will lessen our grocery trips, thus keeping our family away from health risks. Allotting a bigger pantry space is one of the smart design choices you can make this 2021.

Design the best home this 2021!

If redesigning is not enough and you want to purchase a new home, we at Axis Realty Group are here for you. We will help you in buying a home that is in line with the year’s trends. If you need a realtor in New Orleans, LA or other communities, call us!