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Is it Time to Sell Your House?

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Making the decision to sell is never easy, especially if you’ve lived in your home for many years. But here’s when – and why – it might be worth considering depending on your personal and financial circumstances.

  1. You’ve outgrown your home

    That three-bedroom seems like a lot of space when you have a small and young family. But just wait a couple more years, and it will start to feel cramped as you start having more kids, pets, furniture, art, and collectibles.

    Or the space simply doesn’t feel “like you” anymore now that you’re older, wiser, and more successful.

    As you grow as an individual, you may find that your home no longer serves its purpose. If this is the case, then you might need to trade up to a bigger and nicer home.

  2. Life is taking you in another direction

    Life presents many opportunities for growth and adventure. You may have received a great job offer in another city or gotten accepted into a doctorate program. Perhaps you finally want to close the distance on your long distance relationship or would like to move closer to your elderly parents.

    If you decide that moving away will help you grow as a person, then it might be time to sell your home. This will free you from any financial obligations to your existing home and lets you explore your options in the market.

  3. The kids have moved out

    If you’re experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome, this might be a good time to sell your home. Your house might feel emptier and lonelier without the kids there – more so if you’re divorced or widowed. This is a wonderful time to start a new chapter in your life, and it begins with letting go of your existing home.

  4. It’s a seller’s market

    You’ve heard that the neighbor just sold their home for this much money– and you’re wondering if you might be able to sell yours for about the same price. If the market is hot, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t seize the opportunity and make a tidy profit. This might be a good time to reach out to a Realtor and get an estimate of how much your home is worth.

  5. Homeownership just isn’t for you

    Homeownership might be the ultimate symbol of successful and responsible adulthood, but the truth is that home maintenance, household chores, and mortgage payments just aren’t for everyone. Some individuals simply prefer the freedom and flexibility that comes with renting.

    If you’ve already given homeownership a go but still feel like it isn’t working out for you like it should, then it’s time for you to sell and go back to renting.

  6. You want to simplify your life

    Minimalism is a growing trend across the world. If you think that you’ll be happier with less, then you should consider selling your home. A home sale presents a good opportunity to get rid of clothes, shoes, furniture, and appliances that you may no longer want or need. Not having a home also forces you to pare down your belongings to the bare essentials.

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