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Tips on re-welcoming guests to your home during the pandemic

COVID-19 has changed physical interaction entirely. The clink of glasses at a dinnertime toast, hugs to a good friend, holding hands with a partner, and kisses on the cheek are gestures that have been put on hold indefinitely to ensure that social distancing measures are followed to keep people safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

Now we greet each other through nods, a wave, or a simple hello through our masks if we see each other in person at all. These new mannerisms emerged in recent months and will likely stay for years to come.

When re-welcoming guests into our homes, we need to be as careful as possible. One of the biggest mistakes we make is making the assumption that our relatives, friends, and even colleagues are free from the virus because we know them personally.

Here are some tips on how to keep our homes and our loved ones COVID-free while hosting guests:

Be careful

We should follow the same steps we would if we were outside our homes. We should always maintain a minimum of 1 meter between us and others, and wear a mask if we cannot maintain this distance. We must also cover a sneeze or cough with a tissue or a bent elbow, then throw the tissue into a closed-lid bin as soon as possible.

We can also ask guests to remove their shoes before entering your home, ask them to sanitize their hands, take a COVID-19 test before coming over, and not to use the same utensils or touch glasses.

woman with mask washing hands

Sanitize items and surfaces

We must make sure all surfaces and items are clean and disinfected to avoid contamination. The coronavirus spreads mainly through close contact with someone who has been infected, but it has been found that surfaces can also be contaminated and the virus can linger for a short while.

If we touch an infected object, such as a doorknob or a table, and then touch our eyes, nose, or mouth, we could get infected. Other ways to stay safe while in a gathering are to wash our hands regularly and practice social distancing.

sanitizing the kitchen counter

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing means finding who has recently had near contact with a virus-infected individual. Knowing where our guests have been gives us a more detailed picture of whether or not they have been exposed or how at-risk they may be.

We should rethink inviting people that came from high risk environments. Aside from keeping ourselves safe, knowing this keeps everyone else safe.

contact tracing app

Gather outside

Social distancing can be better observed outside where there is more space and better ventilation. Fresh air is always shifting when we’re outside, dispersing the tiny droplets that are released when we talk, cough, and even breathe.

Since these droplets can remain in the air from minutes to hours, staying outside means we are less likely to inhale enough virus-containing respiratory droplets to become infected with COVID-19.

four people holding light stick

Aside from these tips, staying home in a safe neighborhood is the one of the best ways to avoid being contaminated or contaminating others. Whether you’re looking for a realtor in New Orleans, LA or anywhere else, Axis Realty Group can show you the best choices to ensure your safety while still living in your dream home.