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What to consider before you sell your home

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Listing your home for sale can be a time-consuming and, for some, emotionally taxing process. Thankfully, you can minimize your uneasy feelings with a good amount of preparation.

Here are some things to consider before selling your house:

Are you ready?

Selling your home is one of those life-changing decisions you may need to make as an adult. It often means having to put up with people poking around where you’ve spent a significant part of your life.

That’s why it’s essential that you be emotionally and mentally ready – being indecisive or half-hearted will translate to a lack of effort that can result in failed negotiations.

Do you need a real estate agent?

Chances are, you aren’t all that well-versed in the best practices of the real estate industry. We highly recommend you search for a real estate agent to prevent headaches down the line. Hire a competent realtor in New Orleans, LA to help you gain an edge over similar homes on the market. They can work with you as well as with your prospective home buyer to arrive at a satisfactory deal for everyone.

To ensure you sell your home within your expected price range, carefully examine prospective agents to see who has the skill set you need. Ask friends and colleagues about realtors they’ve worked to get a better idea of who to hire.

Which items should you include in the sale?

You will more likely get the price you’ve set for your home if you include certain items in the sale. For example, consider setting up a fully-functional move-in-ready kitchen. Are there some perfectly serviceable appliances or good, classic pieces of furniture that you are willing to throw in as part of the deal? Doing so could sweeten things just enough for the buyer to be willing to come in at a better price; it would also allow you to declutter.

Is it the best time to sell your house?

Key to effectively marketing your home is knowing the best time to put it up for sale. Winter is, for the most part, a slow time for home sales because people are either too busy with the holidays or too lazy to go house-hunting in the freezing weather. But with a good strategy, you can sell your home successfully even during what is traditionally the slowest time of year for real estate. While the spring months are considered the best time to sell, off-season buyers do tend to be more qualified and serious.

What state is the house in?

Have your home examined by a professional home inspector before putting your home up for sale. An inspector can provide a detailed report detailing the issues that your home may have. You can then fix the problems before putting it up for sale, or make the proper disclosures and negotiate the price with your buyer.

We at the Axis Realty Group can help you attain your home selling goals. If you decide to put your home up for sale, reach us by email at Nicole(dotted)AxisRealty(at)Gmail(dotted)com or call 504.336.3000. Click here to learn more about our team.