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Don’t buy into these 5 real estate investing myths

Real estate is seen as a reliable and time-tested investment, and both financial experts and veteran investors attest to this fact with much conviction. However, there are still some false beliefs about this investment tool that linger and ...

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Identifying good investment property

Investing in property remains as sensible as the day American industrialist Andrew Carnegie stated that 90% of all millionaires got their wealth from owning real estate. This is because it consistently increases in value over time and isn�...

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Buying a house: Your guide to home inspection

The home inspection is one step to never skip in the home buying process whether you are purchasing a house in person or remotely. It can confirm what was already disclosed about the property. At the same time, a home inspection also reveal...

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How to tell if a house has good resale value

Homeownership is not the only boon to buying a home. You can also reap some profit off of your property should you wish to sell it after a considerable period of time. The promise of earning money from your investment, however, depends ...

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The Complete Guide to a Successful Virtual Home Tour

Ready to sell? There’s more than one way to show your home. There will always be a place for home staging and open houses in your marketing strategy, but prospective buyers will appreciate virtual tours to help them get a feel for the spa...

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Is it Time to Sell Your House?

Making the decision to sell is never easy, especially if you’ve lived in your home for many years. But here’s when – and why – it might be worth considering depending on your personal and financial circumstances. You’ve outg...

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